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Don't Wait for the perfect time - Just launch and iterate

You begin by conducting fast and low cost experiments that help you understand your users. You simply build on what you learn.
In short, you prototype. In terms of strategies, one of the best ways to build your start-up is to take your idea to market as soon as possible. Because delays kill. In our experience, it’s more important to start than to start right. Think about it. If you don’t start your business, nothing will happen.

Evidences From Past Startups around the globe

Two guys Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia could not afford to pay their rent. So, they made a simple blog website and offered their extra space to people coming to the city for the design conference. After two years, they raised $20,000 from Y Combinator, but they were stuck with making $200 a week for months. They realised that photos of the place sucked and they iterated a lot by going door-to-door taking pictures by professional cameras. This iteration increased their sales to $400 a month and now the company is valued at $10 Bn
So, how did the company not only launch with excellent momentum, but also how did it so quickly win the users' hearts? If there’s one thing that emerges when Slack's founder Stewart Butterfield talks about success, it’s that the company made users feedback the playground of its efforts. The founders focused on the importance of prioritising their product’s unique features and let go of the rest for the future.
Ryan Hoover (C.E.O.) says, “I wasn't an engineer, so I wasn't going to invest the time or money in building an entire site from the start, but I could build an email list really easily. I started one and invited a few dozen investors, founders and other friends of mine who I thought might like this, and who had an inside track of what kind of tech products were cool."

Ask Yourself : What is the easiest way to kick off your startup and what features to leave for the future ?

Take Action

Go Early, Go Often
Ask Someone for Advice
Don’t focus initially on Money
Talk to your Customers

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